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Cheri•Good Quilt Designs
Quilting Tips




Create a DESIGN WALL using a vinyl table cloth.  Sew a pocket at the top and bottom for dowels.    Your blocks will stick to the flannel side of the table cloth making a perfect surface to audition your designs. . . and also to rearrange blocks for other design options.





Treat fabrics as gently as you would your finished quilts.  Use a gentle soap (preferably one designed for washing quilt fabrics), don't use hot water. . . or a hot dryer.  Test dark fabrics for color retention by placing them in cool water.  Treat with Retayne to set dyes up to 10 washes.\



 • Have two pairs of scissors. . . . .one for cutting fabric and another pair for everything else. 

•  Tie a ribbon or strip of fabric to your fabric shears so that you will be able to distinquish them  from others. 

•  Use a guard for safety and to protect the cutting end  of the scissors. 

•  Sharpen your scissors regularly to prolong the life of the scissors and counteract the effects
   of dulling and the occasional paper cut.

•  While the occasional paper cut wil not dull scissors, use fabrics shears for cutting fabric!



After sewing, keep the darker fabric on top.  When the half-square triangle is opened, the seam will be pressed toward the darker fabric.

Spray the block with a light coating of spray starch to stabilize the block and minimize stretching.

Trim dog ears at the ends of the seams of the half-square triangle.



Use green products in your quilt projects.  Bamboo batting is a naturally antibacterial renewal fiber that is combine with organic cotton to product a soft, thin scrim that is perfect for machine quilting.

Bamboo plants absorb 2/3 more carbon dioxide and release 2/3 more oxygen than any other plant on earth.  Producing highly oxygenated air and perfectly balanced humidity is Mother Nature's way of fighting gobal warming. The availability of environmently friendly products in our craft has begun at last.    designed by Audrey Good